The scoop on chickpeas- Mojoi Pantry Essentials.

We will keep this short and sweet. Chickpeas are great! Read on to discover some of the great reasons why they are a Mojoi must.

Although they are a source of high in protein, they are also considered a starch. Apart from this, they are a great source of folate, selenium, b vitamins and iron. Chickpeas also are a great substitute for those who are vegans, vegetarians, or simply want to cut down on animal based protein. What’s more, just one cup of chickpeas contains one-third of an adult’s recommended daily protein intake. But wait, it gets even better! Since they are a great source of plant-based protein they can also help to curb your appetite. Affordable and easy to include in lots of dishes like stews, salads, soups or wraps. They really are an essential add-on to our dishes.

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