For The Love of Quinoa.

For the love of great food that feeds our body and soul❤ we want to share with you a bit of culture, history and of course, great nutritional facts about one of our favorite ingredients here at Mojoi.

Quinoa is considered an “ancient grain” since it has been grown for thousands of years and remains  unchanged. Quinoa was first cultivated in South America, near the Andes Mountains. To the Incas, was a food so vital that it was considered sacred.

Their legend says that one day a star descended to earth enchanted by a boy. They spoke for a long time, but she, as the daughter of heaven, had to leave with great sorrow in her heart. The boy was very sad and decided to go and find her, flying through the skies with the help of his inseparable friend the Andean condor. He found her and they were together for a long time, she fed him with a very tasty and nutritious, golden grain, the grain of the gods, Quinoa. One day the boy wanted to go down to Earth to visit his parents because he missed them very much. She dismissed him and gave him the wonderful grain, so that his people could cultivate it down on earth. Since then Quinoa has been the food base of many Andean peoples.
Great story right?

In their language, Quechua, it is referred to as chisiya mama or mother grain. It is a great addition to your diet and it can diversify your plate, too. Quinoa can stand in for rice at dinner, for oatmeal at breakfast and even for pudding at dessert. From salads to sides, all parts of your plate can benefit from a high-quality quinoa protein boost. It’s one of our top ingredients that our foodies get to enjoy in place of starchy carbs. Enjoy delicous quinoa dishes with Mojoi’s weekly meal plans!

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