Food For Thought!

Food and mental health during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Dear foodies,

We really are what we eat and so this may or may not come as a surprise… 

Research shows that the good bacteria in our bodies play an important role in what our guts digest and absorb. This all ties back to our level of inflammation throughout our bodies, energy levels and our moods. Serotonin, a mood hormone is made inside our stomach area(digestive tract)and helps with the regulation of sleep and appetite. So it’s not surprising that your digestive system doesn’t just help you digest food but also helps guide your emotions; this is key to know during times like these where our mood and state of mind is constantly tested.

So we urge you to choose your precious life fuel carefully. Look for lively colorful fresh ingredients in the foods you consume. Remember!!!!! We will overcome this together❤

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