When you combine plant based protein with animal protein into a stew, you get an unbelievable starchy and meaty texture to your dish. Pair it with the nutrition dense sweet potato spinach bake and finish the bake with just a little bit of grated mozzarella, organic stone ground mustard and honey for very surprising flavors.

Stew the small diced chicken (chicken breast) with soaked chickpeas and for seasoning keep it simple #LiquidAminos #Sea Salt #Ground black pepper #FrontierSweetBasil flakes #FrontierOregano add caraway and cumin seeds some fresh ingredients: onions and garlic and cook for 1 hour. To prepare the deldcios side, cook sweet potato and then bake for 10 minutes with loads of spinach tossed up with #StonegroundMustard (organic) and sprinkle some small mozzarella pieces on top ….just add a bit of organic honey.

Serve up on raw spinach leafs and sprinkle some red sweet pepper on your plate. It just spikes it up while it adds that touch of color hmmmm.

#MojoiHolistic #Nutrilcious #FromMyKitchen #AllProtein #PassionateCooking #SweetPotatoIsVegetable

cook4five_25 may 2016.jpg

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