Dinner table veggies 3 ways

Recreational cooking with Mojoi Holistic is mixing cooking fun, nutritious and delicious all at the same time. Voila! Dinner table veggies you will love in more ways than one! #Nutrilcious #MojoiHolistic #RecreationalCooking #FunInTheKitchen

Lite pumpkin-lunch time

When you are in a hurry but need to feed yourself some good stuff, turn on the oven, cut some pumpkin wedges, drizzle EVOO over the wedges, sprinkle the usual suspects (ground black pepper & Himalayan salt) place in the oven and let bake for 20 minutes. When done….crunch feta cheese on top of the steamy wedges along…

Simple fruit break

Do you see a heart too? I do!  grape fruit cut in half placed almost randomly on a plate…will form a heart shape. Just think of it as the love you are about to eat….how cool is that!!  Treat yourself to this amazing duo when you combine it with pomegranate beads. And just know that…

Quinoa fish bowl streetfood style

This quinoa fish bowl with shrimps on top is light, low in fat and high in protein from legumes (split yellow peas) and fish. The split yellow peas and the disintegrated salt fish give it a Surinamese rice bowl after taste….#MoksiAlesi!  The great thing…..there is NO rice in it! enjoy!!! #‎MojoiHolistic‬ ‪#‎FishyFriday‬ ‪#‎StreetFoodFestivalFishRecipe‬ it’s a fishy quinoa…

Turkey mushroom pizza wt zucchini fries

These babies are ready to go! To the best eaters in the world in the Mojoi street food festival week. We made some street food recipes and stripped the excess fat, preservatives, salt and not good for you ingredients and replaced it with leaner and more real foods. The short and long:  use healthy fries…

MM pumpkin goes well with pine nuts

MM – Meatless Monday, the pumpkin big salad goes well with pine nuts. This flavor duo is a great start of the week…meatless of course. Pumpkin dices, almost crunchy are bonded with watercress, arugula, pomegranate, red onion mini cubes, red paprika and sautéed chives and pine nuts on top. On the side, boiled cassave with a…

Eggplant chick stack part 2

This dish has appeared already and now with added Bulgur wheat & cardamon spice and roasted red bell peppers. Rouënna Mambi avid Mojoi Holistic eater: “This was a nice surprise. Loved the tangy green humus and the grain (bulgur wheat) rice and….oh…well everything!” #FrontierCardamon  #HarmobiaTiendaDiSalu #PassionateCooking #FromMyKitchen #Garlic #FrontierAllPurposeSeasoning    


When you combine plant based protein with animal protein into a stew, you get an unbelievable starchy and meaty texture to your dish.

Thaiday veggie noodles & gingered chicken

When you feel like a #Nutrilicious Thai recipe….vegg-it-up with veggie noodles and gingered chicken stir-fry loaded with juicy crispy green and red bell peppers.

Rich ‘n colorful lentil salad

Great idea for the Monday, especially if you like #MeatlessMonday’s. This recipe is rich for its lentil bean content, red and green lentils they are the best! Don’t forget the small Kañiwa seeds to complement the lentil beans.

Detox salad with seared tuna

We love our bodies and we treat our tummies super good….why not give our bodies this splendid super food detox salad. Easy like a Sunday morning. Just grate and chop all veggies: Red beets, Carrots, Cilantro and Parsley. Your body will thank you for it. Hold the meat or chicken and go for the sea steak….Tuna..from…

Hot chicken vermicelli spinach

On the Friday night….you feel like going for comfort food…but want to hold back on the “white” carbs then just try this oven backed chicken with vermicelli spinach on the side and yes….while we are at it …just bake some paprika cups with cilantro and thyme leafs…hold the mozzarella …the chicken has enough of your…