Bell pepper bean cilantro cups

Bell peppers are the main ingredient to this dish, no meat and spoonful of mozzarella per cup. cut off the top of the bell peppers, fill them with black beans, spoonful of grated mozzarella and chopped cilantro bring to the oven cover with #EVOO, thyme sea salt and pepper and let simmer for 25 minutes….

Bulgur red-lentil seafood soup

It’s Monday…yeah our regular meatless Monday…ok ok ok ……we are cheating …some seafood in this bowl…. but it’s all good, we make it up tomorrow with extra veggies on the menu. :))) Get cooking… you need some clams, smoked trout a lot of garlic, some good ole #frontier seasoning (all purpose, sweet basil, turmeric, oregano…

Figs, Hot Peppers & Mushrooms?

What do figs, hot peppers & mushrooms have in common??? Well, ……they all belong to the aphrodisiac food family…….so many recipes so little time, let’s get cooking see you at #WellFestCuraçao this weekend!

Local Tuna Fish #Curalicious

When you have to cut the fish for stir fry and it just way too beautiful!#PassionateCooking #MojoiHolistic#MOJOI #PiskaBuní #Tuna#nutrilicious#LocalFish#Makambi#frommykitchen#curadise #welovetocook #LomitoDiLaman

Mojoi meets Mondi*

Mojoi meets Mondi (woods) this last Easter weekend was a true foodie heaven. Wild everything …always nutrilicious and super tasty! This turmeric – curry meat stew went greatly paired with with some wild wild rice veggie rich, red lentils for extra color spice and sprinkle with the crunchiest of pumpkin seeds. what about a mondi-made…

Eggplant chick-stack

It’s almost weekend, but hey….let’s first enjoy this Thursday’s light and hearty Eggplant, chicken and chickpea stacked oven baked lunch. What do you need? Eggplant slices, extra virgin olive oil (#EVOO), minced chicken, chickpeas, and lots of cilantro, sea salt and ground black pepper. Bring color with the juicy tomato wedges and the bonus to…

Sweet bake-n-Stir

There is a world of recipes to make with Sweet Potato. #GoodForYouFood #FromMyKitchen#PassionateCooking

Mojoi Holistic

 “Cooking is love made edible” – said Michael Mullan, who I personally haven’t heard of before I was captivated by his quote. This quote is what many of us passionate Foodies live by, that is what we do! Just imagine the tons of love that goes into each meal preparation in my household. The aroma’s…

Baked, sealed, delivered!

Busy days will always be part of your life. It’s during these days that you need food to be fast and easy to obtain. With Mojoi Holistic your food will be fast, easy and nutrilicious! Mojoi Holistic delivers Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner to your door.