Becoming One With Mother Nature.

Happy Earth Day 2021. Mother Nature is calling onto us to make better choices.

Dear foodies,

🌎Happy Earth Day! 🌄Let’s take a mythical, spiritual, and green-conscious virtual trip to South America. 🌬This is Pachamama, she is the Inca godess of earth. The name Pachamama comes from the Inca language of Quechua and translates to mother nature in our modern languages. ❤She is loved and respected by many around the world who till this day believe that we must be at harmony with our environment. 🙏🏼In Inca culture it is just as important to give back to Pachamama as it is to take from her during harvest, because everything we do has a connection to mother earth. 🌱To this day many of her followers believe that our current climate crisis comes from taking more than what we give to our planet. ❤Your gift to this planet that has given us so much doesn’t need to be grand to be meaningful.🌾🌳🌷 Plant a tree, switch from plastic to reusable bags, pick-up pieces of trash on your next trip to the beach, or start an herb garden at home… every bit helps!

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