Turkey mushroom pizza wt zucchini fries

mojoi 14 jul 2016.pngThese babies are ready to go! To the best eaters in the world in the Mojoi street food festival week. We made some street food recipes and stripped the excess fat, preservatives, salt and not good for you ingredients and replaced it with leaner and more real foods.

The short and long:  use healthy fries instead of real fries. I used  zucchini and cut up in  fries style..NO bread crumbs just grounded glutenfree rolled oats and added my own Italian seasoning (all flakes) with very minimal salt, sprinkle it on top of the fries and let it bake. 

Pizza use mozzarella cheese not too much just a spoonful per pizza. Make your own salsa with fresh veggies (bell peppers, onion garlic, organic tomato dices, oregano, thyme leafs, EVOO, rosemary). Fry the turkey slices no oil no salt added just fry it up and let it dry up. Do the same for the mushroom, here just add a bit of liquid aminos. You get the salty from the turkey. Use whole wheat or glutenfree burrito pancakes, instead of the regular thicker pizza breads. Enjoy this NOTsoGuilty pleasure! 

#PassionateCoooking #MojoiHolistic #FromMyKitchen #Nutrilicious

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