Bell pepper bean cilantro cups

Bell peppers are the main ingredient to this dish, no meat and spoonful of mozzarella per cup. cut off the top of the bell peppers, fill them with black beans, spoonful of grated mozzarella and chopped cilantro bring to the oven cover with #EVOO, thyme sea salt and pepper and let simmer for 25 minutes. while you wait cut some pumpkin wedges and spread on oven plate, for extra taste sprinkle with dried rosemary leafs, sea salt and pepper and #EVOO place in oven for 25 minutes. Because we want some extra filler, non fatty non starchy….just cook up some tricolore quinoa mix with left over black beans and bring to a stir fry. You will be ready to savor this delicious meal in less then an hour.

#PassionateCooking #MOJOIHOLISTIC #EatClean#MeatlessMonday



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