Bulgur red-lentil seafood soup

It’s Monday…yeah our regular meatless Monday…ok ok ok ……we are cheating …some seafood in this bowl…. but it’s all good, we make it up tomorrow with extra veggies on the menu. :)))

Get cooking… you need some clams, smoked trout a lot of garlic, some good ole #frontier seasoning (all purpose, sweet basil, turmeric, oregano flakes) basis boullion from #Vetara and add indian peppers to the soup….cook to your liking.

Cook the clams first with fresh garlic until they plop open and then add the cut chives and bulgur…cook till tender. Go on and cook the red-lentils separately (al dente)  and only add to soup when serving. The smoked trout goes in just at the last 10 minutes cooking time. Don’t overcook it…it’s smoked already 🙂

This was succulent, a great picker upper dinner soup…low in fat and great in nutritional properties.

#PassionateCooking #FromMyKitchen #MojoiHolistic #FrontierSeasoning #MeatlessMondayCheat #PassionateLiving


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