One Nutty Dish

This “One Nutty Dish” is unthinkable without the stir-fried #UnsaltedCashewNutsWithGlazedOnion side. Basically the secret made public to this #Nutrilicious ensemble, as the main taste booster. What else is on the plate? Oven-baked plantain slices, sliced oven-baked chicken breast, oven baked bell peppers with a nice raw and juicy tomato wedge.

Prep the chicken by thinly laying out the chicken slices on a baking sheet (with parchment paper), then drizzle #EVOO, sprinkle SS&P(Sea Salt & Pepper) and for seasoning #SpikeGourmetNaturalSeasoning #Vegit, generously cover with fresh cilantro, fresh lime juice and get baking for 25 minutes. You won’t imagine what flavors come out of fresh herbs and lime juice. Slice plantains thinly but not too thin, lay out on baking sheet and just sprinkle #GroundBlackPepper (GBP), get baking for 15 minutes along with the widely cut bell pepper wedges that only need some #EVOO, #GBP, #GroundRedPepper and dried rosemary flakes….and wait for those aromas to hit your sensory system…hmmm. The best kept taste booster secret: stir-fry #UnsaltedCashewNuts with a tiny bit (1tbs) of #GrapeSeedOil, and when brownish, add minced garlic and widely cut white onions….it doesn’t hurt to juice it up with a splash of #LiquidAmino’s and #LemonZest! Make it #OneNuttyDish#CookingIsLoveMadeEdible. BONUS: Pine nuts

Enjoy this no hassle, super easy and nutrilicious meal #FromMyKitchen #MojoiHolistic #PassionateCooking #Nutrilicious #OneNuttyDish #CookingIsLoveMadeEdible

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