Sugar is Sugar watch your intake

sugar is sugar

Read, educate and learn all you can about your food. And believe me you don’t need a nutritionist to hold your hand to show you all the ins and outs about the nutrition your body needs. At the beginning of your learning….please consult these fine professionals and keep reading up and investing your time to learn about your food so you can make fine food choices a.k.a NUTRILICOUS food choices 🙂 !

Let me share a little bit of Michael Pollan’s #FoodRulesAnEater’sManual with you. Rule number 4: Avoid Food Products that contain high-fructose corn syrup. This is not to say that it is worse than regular sugar or organic sugars …. nope…it is because it has been highly processed…that is the main reason to avoid it all together. Ok processed foods #KumindaProsesa is not good for you ….period! And I specifically refer to the chemically processed foods with artificial additives #AditivoArtifisial and sugar no matter what type is just sugar #SukuTaKedaSuku. Keep sugar intake low! feel better and dont compromise your health for sugar…. EAT LESS SUGAR YOU ARE SWEET ENOUGH

#MojoiHolistic #PassionateLiving #Papiamentu #Curadise #PassionateCooking #EatLessSugarYouAreSweetEnough

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