Mojoi Holistic

 “Cooking is love made edible”

– said Michael Mullan, who I personally haven’t heard of before I was captivated by his quote. This quote is what many of us passionate Foodies live by, that is what we do! Just imagine the tons of love that goes into each meal preparation in my household. The aroma’s awaken every molecular cell in our bodies, as you feel the scents of the kitchen, see the color of your ingredients gradually turn into the just-right colors, discover surprising and tasty combinations of the oils, nuts, poultry, meats, fresh herbs, veggies, fish……you didn’t believe ever existed…..and if you let me….. I can go on and on. 

That is my relationship with food….and I’m loving every moment that I create a great meal for me and the greatest people on earth….I always say ….I Love to cook for great people.

So, for me cooking means getting the right ingredients into your meals, that are as close to nature as possible, as untouched as possible, as nutritious as possible and as delicious as possible, then transform it into some taste pallet explosion meal, that is both nutritious as it is delicious.

It’s all about being passionate at what you do! #PassionateCooking -#FromMyKitchen brings healthy, nutritious, tasty, delicious and mindful Food to you for living life well!

Enjoy More Joy in life……with MOJOI Holistic.